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Join our amazing, supportive community as you and your family work towards becoming Modern-Day Black Belts!

Live Online Sessions

Enjoy fun, weekly live classes and feedback sessions with our world-famous black belts.

On-Demand Content

Access a library of curriculum and previous classes — anytime, anywhere.

Community Support

Immerse yourself in our 'UpLifting' community for motivation and support.

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What is UpLevel @Home Academy?

UpLevel's @Home Academy brings our life-changing, turn-key Modern-Day Black Belt martial arts program right into your home.

With convenient family online classes, on-demand content, and community support, your entire household will have fun training together while making progress towards your First Degree Black Belt.

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UpLevel Training — Modern-Day Black Belt

Becoming a Modern-Day Black Belt is about embracing and learning the black-belt mindset and applying that to every area of your life. You not only transform your health, but you also learn self-defense and confidence. You learn to be powerful in mind, body, and spirit with skills that are necessary for success — like discipline and gratitude.

Physical Conditioning

Each class has weekly workouts targeting your entire body including upper body, lower body, core strength and cardio. Increase your stength, coordination, flexibility, agility, balance, and endurance.

Self Defense

Learn real-life skills to protect yourself against bullying and real life attackers. (We strongly teach that martial arts is ONLY for self defense).

Citizenship and Life Skills

Citizenship Awards Program
Guaranteed to increase discipline, focus and confidence in your first week of training using The Citizenship Awards Checklist. This is what adults and parents love the most about our @Home Academy.

Modern-Day Black Belt Life Skills Program
Designed to teach the habits and character qualities of successful people. You will have access to our World-Famous Life Skills program with age-appropriate assignments. Our life skills include: Age Defying Health, Confidence, Discipline, Gratitude, Integrity, Patience, Respect, Self Defense, and Team Spirit

Character Building

Every student pledges to follow the blackbelt leadership creed and strive to become the best person they can be. We hold each other accountable and lead by example.

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Delivered in a Modern Format

Receive world-class instruction through our Basic Training Program

Online Resources

Online Basic Training Program

Live Online Sessions

  • Live-Streamed Classes — Train with our world-famous black belt instructors EVERY WEEK. A new class is repeated live 5x/week. These classes are designed for ALL ages and most families train together.
  • Live Feedback — Each week, we have 1x week LIVE classes where you can review what you’ve been learning, have Q&A time, and take part in an interactive class over Zoom.
  • Testing and Graduating — You can advance with your family to black belt through our live, small group tests. ALL virtual!

On-Demand Content

  • On-Demand Classes — If you miss our streamed classes, you can still take that class as many times as you want in your Membership Portal.
  • Library of Curriculum — So you can constantly learn and add new moves and progress even faster on your way to black belt.
  • Beginner + Intermediate — Access to all Beginner and Intermediate curriculum and content. (Advanced and Black Belt are in the Black Belt Leadership Program).

Community Support

  • Private Facebook Group — Be a part of our amazing, supportive community Private Facebook Group as you and your family work towards becoming Modern-Day Black Belts.
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Upon enrollment, you'll receive an email on how to access an exclusive Membership Portal — your one-stop source for everything you need on your journey towards becoming a black-belt leader.

Online Basic Training Program
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Join our tribe as we impact millions with martial arts!

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  • Live Sessions
  • On-Demand Content — Access to all Beginner and Intermediate curriculum and content.
  • Community Support

Giving Back

*A portion of our profits goes directly to our UpLevel Outreach Program to benefit people in need.

UpLevel Stories

Our mission is to impact millions with martial arts. Here are just a few stories of how we're doing that.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What are my first steps after enrollment?

After sign up, you'll receive instructions on how to schedule your 45-minute Jumpstart Lesson. You'll also receive an email on how to access your Membership Portal, your one-stop source for training. From your Membership Portal:

  • Step 1 - Download the Citizenship Awards Program Checklist.
  • Step 2 - Put two classes per week on your calendar.
  • Step 3 - Join our private Facebook group.

The @Home Academy Basic Program membership gives you unlimited access to streamed classes each week. You will also have opportunity to participate in a once-a-week, live Q&A and feedback session with a top instructor!

Once your instructors see that you are making progress in the program, they will invite you to commit to going all the way to the rank of Black Belt and sign up for personal instruction from an UpLevel instructor. (This is where it really gets good!)

The UpLevel @Home Academy is actually a bridge to the Modern Day Black Belt Lifestyle... a way of life that includes personalized fitness plans, customized diets, weight loss programs, master mind groups, and leadership training. We are raising up future instructors who will someday teach other students just like you will be taught so this is also an exciting career path for students who want to help others pursue their full potential!

The @Home Academy is actually just the start of an exciting journey of becoming a Modern Day Black Belt. Get started now and see where it takes you!

You will need a space in front of your flat screen or computer to follow along with your instructors. The more family members taking the classes, the more space you will need. (We have discovered that families needing to move furniture around twice a week have that much more fun in the program!)

One you start enjoying your classes, you will want to order uniforms for your entire family. Children love to identify with their instructors and classmates by putting on their uniforms and learning to tie their belts before class the "UpLevel" way. You will too!

As you and your family move up through belt ranks, you will need special equipment such as pads, helmets, and safe training weapons. We will make this material available at reasonable costs through the UpLevel Store.

Remember, everything can be done at home no matter what your fitness level or experience! Wherever you are, we will take you to the next level. That's what our name means!

Once you enroll in UpLevel's @Home Academy and start participating in classes 2 times per week, you will want to joing the UpLevel Facebook Community and begin filling out the Citizenship Awards Checklist. Soon, you will start seeing results and having fun as a family and not want to miss a week.

But what if you are not home during a particular week. Good news! Because the program is online, you can take it with you wherever you go!

If, for some reason, you miss an entire week of class, NO worries! Even if you miss all the classes for an entire week, you can access archived classes through your Membership Portal and get back on track quickly once you are back to having internet access.

Absolutely! One you begin enjoying your classes and experiencing all the benefits found in your Membership Portal, you will want to share UpLevel with all your friends. Invite them to try it for two weeks for FREE so you can compare experiences and practice together. (Parents, doesn't that sound better than kids sitting around playing video games with each other all day?)

We're offering a 14-day trial for just $1! If you're not satisfied, you may cancel at any time during that 14-day period.

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